Saturday, February 9, 2019

Our blog!

Hey there!

Welcome to our blog. :)

Here you will find the usual- random musings of our life, pictures of what's happening, and links to our Youtube videos! But don't wait to see what's up on Youtube by checking here, go subscribe to our channel!

On our Youtube you will find vlogs, gameplay, and occasionally some origami. 

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Join the Panda-lution! Okay, so that sounds like pollution. It's meant to be a combination of Panda and revolution. Yeah, that might not be something we want to catch on. lol Pandavolution? Nah. Panda-monium? Hmm. Panda-mic? Well, we'll figure something out...



Pandasode 66

Hey, y'all! We have a new Pandasode up! We have been loving this restaurant down here in Ft Myers for quite some time. It has unlimited ...